A non-cognitive skills education for greater student success

Providing the habits and skills crucial for better student performance

The employment opportunities available to today's students are changing rapidly, requiring better education outcomes, and a broader skill set than previous generations needed to achieve a successful life. 

Research increasingly suggests non-cognitive skills may provide a solution to achieving better outcomes. Non-cognitive skills are simply the attributes, behaviours and strategies thought to underpin success; it’s these skills that are believed to be the most important for students to master. But where do you learn these valuable skills?

Passion Arena is an online education platform tailored for Year 7 and older students, offering training videos and supporting exercises for schools and individuals wanting to learn and master a wide range of non-cognitive skills.

Discover more about the 12 habits and 39 skills we believe lead to greater success, or click the 'Get Started' button to begin your success journey today. Welcome to Passion Arena.

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