How is Passion Arena structured?  

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Passion Arena's content is designed specifically for students from Year-7 (approximately age 10) and up and will continue to be valuable for students throughout high school and into higher education. People who have left school but are frustrated at their jobs may also find the content we offer useful. Our content is not designed to replace a standard schooling education, rather, it will support any typical education. Content is packaged into very short whiteboard animation videos, each presenting a single idea or concept delivered via this website, including short daily exercises to reinforce the ideas covered. Each episode, and its accompanying exercises take around 15 minutes or less to complete.

Our content is focused on delivering non-cognitive skills. Simply put, these are the attitudes, behaviours and strategies thought to underpin success (see links to non-cognitive research below). While much of this content can be quite complex, we have taken care to simplify each idea so that it is simple to understand and can be easily related to a student's everyday experience of life.

The exercises which accompany each video are critical to successful outcomes from Passion Arena. They allow that each episode's message can be immediately applied and where appropriate, positive habits can be formed.

How will Passion Arena’s programme help? 

Our content is based on proven principles that have been around for millennia, newer concepts that have been scientifically tested and proven to be effective, as well as skills that can be applied within any future context. More than simply teaching ideas and skills, the exercises ensure that the theory provided is put into practice - without the pressure of an exam or test at the end. Our approach does not require tests to be taken, and our exercises have no right or wrong answers, so we are approachable for any student. We've gone to great lengths to make the content interesting and relevant to make it easier to understand and remember.

This programme recognises the need to create sustained habits, which, when added together form the foundation for building the necessary non-cognitive skills that lead to successful outcomes in life. This programme will help our members build mastery across the range of 12 positive habits we've identified. 

Specifically, we cover 39 specific skills that when mastered, will help you to identify your passions, help you increase your levels of happiness, and help you achieve greater success in whatever you set out to achieve.


Discover more about the importance of non-cognitive skills

Listed below you'll find links to three reports collating the data from multiple, peer-reviewed studies into the impacts of non-cognitive skills in education, work and life. We encourage you to click on the links below and discover the types of outcomes non-cognitive skills have been shown to deliver.