Supporting student success
through a non-cognitive skills education


A video-based program teaching students non-cognitive skills

Research increasingly suggests non-cognitive skills may provide the solution to helping students achieve better academic and social outcomes. Non-cognitive skills are simply defined as the attributes, behaviours and strategies thought to underpin success; it’s these skills that are believed to be the most important for students to master. We see non-cognitive skills as encompassing a range of non-traditional curriculum areas such as life or soft skills, well-being, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Positive Education. But where do you learn these valuable skills? And how can a school introduce this valuable material without great expense and time for teacher training?

Non-cognitive skills education made easy

Passion Arena is a scientifically informed education platform offering training videos and supporting exercises, for schools who want to teach and, students who want to learn and master a wide range of non-cognitive skills. Want to know more? Be sure to watch the video above, or click any of the link buttons on this page for more detail on our program.