Supporting better learning and life outcomes for your child

A learning platform to develop non-cognitive skills for your child

Passion Arena’s content is designed to support the learning and life outcomes for young students through the introduction and application of non-cognitive skills. Non-cognitive skills (the attitudes, behaviours and strategies thought to underpin success) are increasingly considered to be as important to positive outcomes for young people as cognitive ability in areas such as literacy and numeracy. (For more information on the impact of non-cognitive skills, take a look at this report from the Institute of Education at the University of London). 

In addition to a focus on success, our content is designed to encourage greater engagement with teachers, peers, parents and the wider community through a sustained focus on empathy, and the development of quality relationships.  We aim to engage and inspire students to see the opportunities that education presents, while seeking to create within students a positive attitude and internal belief that with applied effort and sustained practice, positive outcomes can be achieved.

Our Introduction Series introduces the core fundamentals of our program based on our core habits, and introduce most of the skills that are fundamental to a life of success, meaning and happiness.

Who is Passion Arena for?

The content we’ve developed has been designed to be introduced to students from Year 7 (approx. 11 years of age) onwards. There are two reasons for this. We believe that Years 7 & 8 are transformative years for students within their schooling careers and represent a key transition point from child to young adult. This provides an opportunity for students to develop positive habits at this age which can serve them well as they progress through their later years in education.

Secondly, research into adolescent brain development suggests that introducing a new line of non-cognitive thinking at this young age, will help to make the content feel more familiar and accessible as children begin to move into the adolescent phase of their brain’s development. This sense of familiarity helps students to take on board new ideas while giving them more confidence to try out new positive behaviours which may support better learning outcomes in both the short and long-term.

Students should continue to benefit from Passion Arena content throughout high-school and well into post-graduate studies – especially as we continue to expand the content available.

How will my child benefit from a Passion Arena subscription?

The goal of our content is to help students to build a wide range of habits and skills that will ultimately support them in any endeavour they wish to pursue. We do this in the first instance via our Introduction Series which essentially lays the foundation for all future skills development. We believe just working through the videos and exercises within the Introduction Series, should help encourage your child to take a positive approach to education and begin to establish the behaviours and attitudes necessary for successful outcomes in life.

Specific results will of course vary from child to child, but we’ve been careful to ensure that our content will not lead to any adverse outcomes. Your worst case scenario is that your child sees little to no improvement in their current engagement levels with education. Typical student outcomes are still being researched and we hope to have our first findings from initial school trials in late 2016. We’re interested to expand this research further, so if you think your school might be interested in running a trial of our Introduction Series, please ask your Principal or a senior teacher to get in touch with us at:

How do you actually help students achieve?

The content provided in our episodes is based on many scientific studies which have each been shown in numerous cases to deliver positive outcomes to both young and old. Our content combines the learnings from multiple studies into one simple format, expressed in simple language to make it more accessible to students. Each of the concepts we present has been shown to deliver positive outcomes, so we’re very confident that combining these ideas into one educational series will deliver students (and parents) significant positive outcomes.

Do you have links to non-cognitive skills research?


Listed below you'll find links to three reports collating the data from multiple, peer-reviewed studies into the impacts of non-cognitive skills in education, work and life. 


How do I help my child make the most of a Passion Arena subscription?

We recommend to take the time to watch each episode with your child whenever possible. We don’t have a single episode over 10 minutes in length and the vast majority are under 7 minutes, so it doesn’t need to take a lot of your time. We believe spending this time with your child will provide you with two benefits.
First, you’ll be more aware of the concepts your child is learning through our platform. This creates an opportunity to discuss the ideas presented with your child and to help them align new concepts to their day-to-day environment. Helping your child to understand how these ideas apply in their own life will help them to take on board the information more easily, as well as see how it’s relevant to their unique situation.
Second, if you have knowledge of the concepts we present, it will help you to identify the attitudes, behaviours and actions of your child that run counter to these ideas. By being aware of the ideas we present, you can remind your child of these ideas at the appropriate time. For example, one of the ideas we present relates to noticing a ‘fixed-mindset voice’. This might be saying things like “I'm not good at languages” or “I can’t learn maths.” By being aware of their ‘fixed-mindset voice’ you can help your child to recognise it and correct it using the techniques we provide.

I understand you have additional resources for teachers—can parents access these?


We've developed a range of supporting resources modelled on the support resources we provide teachers. In order access these parent resources, you must sign up to a family subscription. You can also set up a free family trial at any time, which will give you access to our first 10 episodes, and includes the accompanying exercises and additional parent support resources.


Does your content include faith-based or religious teachings?


Our content is based on the latest research in a wide range of specialist fields, including human performance, positive psychology and neuroscience. We don’t provide any episodes that would focus on, or favour, any religion or its teachings over another; we’ve sought to remain as independent from religious themes as possible. That said, we do have one episode that relates to ‘The Golden Rule’, but this is a concept common to all the world’s major religions (which we point out in the episode) and we do not present it from the perspective of any particular religion.

Most importantly, our content is designed in such a way that it will not contradict or discourage the teachings of any particular faith or religion and we wholeheartedly support the right of every individual to study and practice their chosen beliefs.

How can I get my school to provide Passion Arena content?

At the moment, the easiest way to do this is have the Principal or one of the school’s leadership team email us directly at: so they can register the school as a Passion Arena member.

From here we can set up admin access for the appropriate people in the school, and explain how to get the most out of our platform. We can also outline our significantly discounted pricing available for schools.

Can I try before I buy?

Of course.

You can start anytime with the first episode in our Introduction Series. You’ll get access to the first 10 episodes for free, along with the corresponding exercises, before being asked to choose a specific individual or family subscription.

I want to join, but I can’t afford it?

If you would like to sign your child up (or yourself) to a Passion Arena subscription but your family can’t afford it, here are the steps we recommend taking:

  1. Sign your child up to start The Introduction Series. You’ll get free access to the first 10 episodes, and if nothing else, this will give them some good strategies to start thinking about school differently.
  2. Apply for a scholarship. Write us an email telling us why your child deserves a scholarship to access our content for free. We’ll review your email and let you know. You can email scholarship requests directly to: Scholarships are decided by Passion Arena on a case by case basis. We do not provide scholarships to everyone who applies, but we also don’t set limits on the number of people we provide scholarships to. If we deem your application worthy, we will contact you and confirm your acceptance. Good luck.
  3. Ask your school to join Passion Arena. If you haven’t been able to get a scholarship, you may be able to convince your school that their students would benefit from membership to Passion Arena. We offer significantly discounted rates to schools who sign up as members. You could ask your Principal or a senior teacher to contact us via email at: for more information.