The Introduction Series

The starting point for all Passion Arena members

Passion Arena's Introduction Series introduces our first 42 episodes, which are structured into three parts as outlined: (click to see specific episode breakdowns for each)

Over the course of the series, Passion Arena students are introduced to each of the foundational habits, and a wide number of our skills for success. The introduction Series contains the only compulsory episodes on the Passion Arena platform, as the information provided forms the backbone for all the other content we offer. For this reason, students must complete all three parts of this series before being able to begin any of the specific skills paths.

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Our Skills Paths

Helping you to improve in specific areas

As we expand out the content available, we'll be introducing a number of individual paths to help students improve in the specific skill areas they want to develop. Some examples of the skills paths we'll be developing over the coming months include the titles listed below (in no particular order): 
(Note: the specific Passion Arena skills we'll cover are shown in brackets)

  • Increasing your happiness (Happiness / Positive thinking | Self-awareness)
  • Setting and achieving your goals (Goals | Plans | Persistence | Willpower)
  • Getting better at anything (Practice | Accepting failure | Responsibility | Persistence)
  • Discovering your passion (Passion | Desire | Patience)
  • Taking action (Action | Facing fear | Self-awareness)
  • Changing bad habits and creating good habits (Habits | Self-awareness | Discipline)
  • Building your willpower (Persistence | Willpower | Self-awareness)
  • Increasing your self-confidence (Self-confidence | Self-belief | Self-awareness)
  • Getting to know yourself better (Mindfulness | Attitude | Self-awareness)
  • Taking more initiative and earning responsibility (Initiative | Responsibility | Leadership)
  • Becoming more disciplined (Discipline | Routines | Responsibility)
  • Having more empathy and compassion (Empathy | Relationships | Community)
  • Facing your fears and becoming more courageous (Facing fear | Courage | Self-awareness)
  • Developing a positive attitude (Attitude | Gratitude | Happiness)
  • Discovering your creativity and having more ideas (Creativity | Ideas | Value)
  • Becoming a better communicator (Communication | Empathy )
  • Learning to be a leader (Leadership | Empathy | Community | Communication)
  • Building quality relationships (Relationships | Empathy | Communication)
  • Managing your stress levels (Managing Stress | Mindfulness)
  • Improving your patience (Patience | Mindfulness | Empathy)

Is there a skills path you'd like us to develop?

Are there specific skills or habits that you'd like to improve that are not currently listed above? If so, let us know what they are, and we'll look into adding it to our list of skills paths that we're currently developing. Alternatively, if there's a skills path above that you really can't wait for, then let us know – it might help us bump it toward the top of our list. Just fill in the form below to let us know what you'd like us to develop next.

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