Are you curious enough to get to know others?

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Part three in our introduction series is designed to support students in getting to know other people, helping them to build positive relationships with a range of people. The 10 episodes in part three expand on our previous episodes on empathy, while diving into topics like listening, gossip, blame, guilt and generosity. We finish up with a look at leadership and what it takes to be a true leader. A brief description of each episode is outlined below.


Introduction Part 3 – Episode outline

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Episode 33:  How curious are you?

Be curious | Ongoing learning | Relationships | Empathy | Communication
An introduction to curiosity in relation to meeting and getting to know new people. Suggests that our default is often to talk about ourselves, or relate our own experiences, rather than being curious to get to know others. 

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Episode 34: Are you a good listener?

Quiet | Be curious | Communication | Empathy
An introduction into the importance of listening deeply, and building empathy and compassion for others. Identifies the key elements of listening and how you can improve them.

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Episode 35: What does a good relationship look like?

Giving | Be curious | Relationships | Empathy
An introduction into the importance of relationships that support and respect each person. Relationships that strike a balance between give and take. 

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Episode 36: What's the problem with gossip?

Self-control | Be curious | Communication | Responsibility
An outline on the importance of building relationships with others and how gossip can damage or end those relationships and tarnish your reputation.

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Episode 37: Do you sometimes wish you were someone else?

Positive attitude | Growth mindset | Self-confidence | Attitude
An outline of the importance of having a positive attitude about yourself and in life situations in general. Outlines the traps of negative thinking, and highlights ways to have a positive outlook.

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Episode 38: What's the difference between guilt and shame?

Positive attitude | Quiet | Empathy | Relationships
We compare the concepts of shame and guilt and illustrate how they have different impacts on an individual’s self-esteem. We outline how to avoid a sense of shame, and how to support others without adding to their own sense of shame.

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Episode 39: What does a generous person look like?

Giving | Positive attitude | Value | Self-confidence
Looks at various ways of being a generous person, and investigates the benefits of being more generous, including greater self-confidence, self-esteem and happiness.

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Episode 40: What does it mean to be a leader?

Ongoing learning | Be curious | Leadership | Community
Introduces the concept of leadership at any age or stage, and that leadership isn’t a title, but an attitude and an approach to supporting others, ongoing self-discovery and learning.

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Episode 41: Could you be a leader?

Ongoing learning | Growth mindset | Leadership | Self-awareness
What a true leader looks like, and why you already have everything you need to become one. An overview of this introductory programme and how it ties into being a leader. 

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Episode 42: Do you follow your curiosity?

Be curious | Ongoing learning | Passion | Ideas | Initiative
Curiosity as a means of discovery, how can it be explored further, and what benefits can it provide. Curiosity in this context is related to finding a love of learning in one or many areas.