Self improvement starts with knowing who you are

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In part two of our introduction series we help students to gain a better understanding of themselves, helping them to identify their strengths and weaknesses, along with some of their unique traits. We introduce some tools to help change not-so-good habits, while asking questions such as 'How do you talk to yourself?' and 'What are you afraid of?' A brief description of each episode is outlined below.

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Introduction Part 2 – Episode outline

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Episode 19:  Why is it important to know thyself?

Know thyself | Be curious | Self-awareness | Mindfulness 
Outlines the historical reference to ‘know thyself’ and explains that self-knowledge is a key starting point for a life of meaning, purpose, happiness and success.  

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Episode 20: What is accurate self-assessment?

Know thyself | Be curious | Self-awareness | Action
An expansion on getting to know thyself, we now dive a little deeper into getting to know yourself with an emotional intelligence exercise in self-assessment. 

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Episode 21: I think therefore I am. Really?

Positive attitude | Know thyself | Mindfulness | Self-awareness
An outline of the effect your attitude can have on your emotions, along with an introduction to your unique character strengths.

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Episode 22: When are you in the zone?

Be curious | Stretch | Passion | Self-awareness
Identifies the characteristics needed to achieve a state of ‘flow’. We investigate the benefits and challenges of being in a flow state (or 'in the zone'), and show how it can be achieved.

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Episode 23: How do habits work?

Be curious | Growth mindset | Habits | Routines
Introduces the structure of habits, and identifies why they influence success. We ask what a habit is and explore the idea that you have many more habits than you might think.

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Episode 24: How can you change a bad habit?

Be curious | Growth mindset | Habits | Routines 
This episode looks at how you can go about changing a habit you don't want, for a new habit that you'd prefer and explain one method to more easily change your existing bad habits.

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Episode 25: How do you talk to yourself?

Positive attitude | Be curious | Positive thinking | Self-awareness
Learning to listen for the way you speak to yourself, especially for negative statements and then identifying how these might colour the way you relate to others.

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Episode 26: How grateful are you?

Positive attitude | Giving | Gratitude | Happiness
Introduces the concept of gratitude, why it pays to be grateful and why being grateful can improve your happiness, and what you can do to become more grateful.

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Episode 27: What are you afraid of and what does it stop you from doing?

Stretch | Action oriented | Facing fear | Courage
An introduction to the impact fear has on achieving success. Why it’s often fear that stops you from doing things you want to do, and how to start to tackle your fears.

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Episode 28: What is courage and do you have it?

Stretch | Action oriented | Courage | Facing fear 
Introducing the concept of courage. Why it’s often misunderstood, how it can help you, and what you can do to be more courageous.

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Episode 29: What are your values and beliefs?

Know thyself | Be curious | Belief | Self-awareness
Introduces the concepts of values and beliefs, and identifies the influence they have, not only over the decisions we make, but also in how we feel, particularly when we do things that conflict with who we want to be.

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Episode 30: What is the Golden Rule?

Giving | Positive attitude | Empathy | Relationships
Identifies the common variations of The Golden Rule, and what it means to live up to it. We identify a previous example and look at how following The Golden Rule might change our behaviour. We also look at the how this might affect cyber-bullying.

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Episode 31: Who's responsible for your decisions and actions?

Self-control | Growth mindset | Responsibility | Initiative
Identifies the importance of responsibility in life – in particular to your education results and in the actions you take. Introduces how taking responsibility can increase both your self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Episode 32: Are you self-confident?

Know thyself | Growth mindset | Self-confidence | Attitude
An introduction to what it means, and why it’s helpful to be self-confident. Shares an understanding of true self-confidence, and compares this to failure.